One on One Personal Training

Having a Personal Trainer will push you beyond your limits. It is more than just what exercises to do and how to do it. It is a learning experience of setting realistic goals that can easily be achieved. As honest trainers, we guide you through fitness and nutrition toward those goals so that fitness becomes a way of life.

Our fitness trainers specialize in:

* Free Weights and Machines
* Functional Training
* Core Strengthening
* Kettlebell Training (certification achieved)
* Balance Training
* Sports Conditioning (and specific training)
* Youth Training
* Flexibility/Stretching

Train with a friend

Want to split the cost of a trainer? Train with one of your friends. This option allows you and one friend to work with a trainer and experience a grueling workout together. (Caution: Please pick friends wisely making sure they are on the same or around the same fitness level as you.)

Kettlebell BootKamp

Join our Kettelbell BootKamp classes. At a low cost, you can still experience what it is like to go through a demanding workout that is intense and high energy! As the name implies, you will be using kettlebells as a part of the class, along with other exercise equipment. Come and experience the Kettlebell BootKamp!


- Passive stretching/static stretching.
- Movement of target muscles.
- Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Techniques (a series of contract and relax techniques that stimulate the nervous system and allow for greater lengthen an elongating of target muscles).

Corporate Wellness

Personal Training Program - it is a known fact that when your employees are in physically fit shape, the more productive they are at work. Why not provide your employees the benefit to get and/or stay in shape. We'll send a trainer to your place of business to train your employees of your company as many times a week as you would like.